How to Inspire Action at Your Next Sales Conference or Gathering

Executive Breakfast Sales Conferences

If you couldn’t attend our latest executive breakfast event, we’ve got you covered. Whether you hold a yearly sales conference or have regular team gatherings, this topic is an important one.

We chose this topic because sales conferences and gatherings can be painful to plan, execute and attend. Yet these gatherings are an important investment made in your team. Bizzabo research highlights that 95% of marketers agree; live events provide attendees with a valuable opportunity to form in-person connections in an increasingly digital world. We shared our sales conference tips, summarized for you below.

Top 10 Sales Conference Tips
1. Do nothing until you answer this question: “What do I want to see my people do differently as a result of the conference?”

By creating Outcome-Focused Activity rather than Agenda-Focused Schedules, you will be a leader of change, setting more actionable tasks for your team to grab hold of and run with.

2. Include an “Open Mic” or “Questions and Answers” time hosted by executives.

By merging management members in the learning session with your team, you’ll ensure corporate goals and daily activities mesh, thus increasing opportunities for individual success as part of the corporate mandate.

3. Invite Clients to the meeting and create structured learning activities with them.

Their feedback will be instructive, ensuring authentic scenarios lead to real world success strategies.

4. Frequently put people in teams or groups to demonstrate the most recent learning and skills. i.e., Mid-Morning Recall Game.

You’ll ensure participants are consistently paying keen attention, “learning by doing.” Repetition is essential!

5. Encourage executive presentations to have less detail and more activities.

The process of learning works best when participants focus on doing a few things really well, rather than trying to do many things sparsely.

6. Include “White Space” - allow times for people to have unscheduled downtime.

Sure, intense “boot camps” sound like you mean business; but employees who sense that the company cares about them as people by offering them a quality experience will always give back more.

7. Cross-pollination – have time in regions, AND have learning activities for people across regions to share challenges, successes, etc.

This isn’t just a head office meeting! It’s important for everyone to feel fully involved on a highly personal level.

8. Invest in the sizzle (location, entertainment, award dinners, etc.), as well as the steak (workshop design and content).

A prudent blend of education and relaxation always makes for more memorable and impactful learning, while rewarding success.

Executive Breakfast on Sales Conferences

9. Remember that workshops can have:

  • Presentations
  • Multi-media
  • Stations
  • Role plays/Real plays
  • Pairs, trios, teams
  • Competitive exercises
  • Simulations
  • Games
  • Debates

10. Think of at least one activity each day that can remove people from their comfort zone.

This will help them think outside the box, promoting self-examination of their skills, attitudes and the views that they are accustomed to following…all of which leads to discovering ways to make improvements in their daily approach to their work.

If you need support on your next sales conference or team gathering, we would be more than happy to help. Don’t hesitate to connect with one of our sales representatives at your convenience.