Maximize the Value of Your Annual Sales Meeting

Bringing your full sales team together is an opportunity to provide important company updates, align your team and drive behavior change.

Typically, getting the team together for a few days requires significant financial investment.

By using the following 5 best practices, you can maximize the value of your annual sales meeting and promote a strong return on your investment:

1. Start with the end in mind

Annual Sales Meeting InfographicAs you begin to plan your annual sales meeting, determine your primary outcomes for the meeting. Whether you need buy-in on a strategy or initiative, need to make a cultural shift or equip your team with new skills to drive growth in your organization, ensure you’re clear on your primary objectives. Here are some examples to get you thinking:

  • Improve culture and community of your team
  • Provide new skills and capabilities
  • Motivate your team
  • Communicate key messages
  • Set expectations
  • Instill personal accountability

Choosing your objectives will help align your topics and activities and help your team get the most out of the meeting.

2. Strike a balance

Organizations often try to accomplish too much in these important few days. Once you’ve chosen your objectives for the meeting, think about including a thoughtful blend of business updates, skill development and opportunities for the team to connect.

Striking a balance between topics, activities and allowing for free time is important. This will keep your team engaged, motivated and ensure they have time to network and strengthen relationships amongst each other.

3. Focus on engagement

Creating engagement is critical for your team to retain key messages, absorb new learning as well as contribute to the overall success of your annual sales meeting. Here are some tips to create an engaging environment:

  • Start the meeting with an energizer to get the team on the same page and kick-off important topics or activities
  • Encourage executive presentations to include less facts and data and more intentional stories to captivate your team’s attention throughout the meeting
  • Think about mixing people into teams to demonstrate the most recent update or learning to allow sharing of successes and challenges, and ultimately increase connections across the team

4. Think outside the box

Another way to create engagement is by getting your team out of their comfort zone. You can do this by designing experiences and exercises that get them to stretch, try a new skill or share best practices and challenges. Doing so allows them to discover ways to make improvements in their daily approach to their work. You can also try switching up the format: Q&A sessions, competitive exercises, games, and role plays are all great options.

5. Sharpen their selling skills

Having the whole team together is a great time to invest in capabilities to create a common language and approach in your organization. Using various learning methodologies, you can provide new skills, tools and processes to improve performance – building confidence and competence to be applied back on the job.

Providing your team with one new skill, idea or tool can help them improve performance and increase results.

If you need help designing and delivering your annual sales meeting, we’d be happy to support you.

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